Saturday, November 24, 2007


Okay, I really AM sick.

Ironic that I was at the doctor's just yesterday. But I didn't feel this bad. Just had a little congestion. That's not usual for me. I'm ALWAYS congested! But today my throat's on fire, I have a fever of 102 and I'm shaking like a blind lesbian at a weenie roast...

Both the Prince and the Princess had strep last week, so I'm SURE that's what it is. Of course, there's no doc open. I'd have to go the ER to get antibiotics. The good news is, I have some leftover from... something. A toothache, I think? Yay!

The other good news is it hurts to swallow. Which means I don't feel like eating. At all. And if I did, I couldn't taste it. Honestly, I think the docs who are doing weight loss surgery have missed the boat. All you'd have to do is take away my sense of taste, and I'd stop the whole overeating thing. Trust me.

Okay, I'm getting delirious. I'm going to bed!

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