Friday, December 7, 2007

Diet Girl's Scavenger Hunt Entry!

Okay, here are our entries for Dietgirl's Scavenger Hunt!

We couldn't agree - go figure! So we have two entries for each item on the list.


Queen B's Bicycle entry

Harley's bicycle... reference... entry...

Queen B's Bald Man Entry

Harley's Bald Man Entry

Queen B's Elvis Entry

Harley's Elvis Entry

Queen B's Greek yogurt entry

Harley's Greek Yogurt entry

Queen B's wedding dress entry

Harley's Wedding Dress Entry

Queen B's Letter D Entry

Harley's Letter D Entry

Queen B's Letter G Entry

Harley's Letter G Entry

Did we win, did we win? :)


Shauna said...

bravo bravo! good on ya guys :)

Annie said...

Double the goodness! :-)
Love the entries, am not twitching in anticipation for the winners to be announced!

Annie said...

whoops, that should read;
am now twitching with anticipation.
I guess the twitching affected my typing!

Queen Bee's Buzzin' on Down

King Harley's Revvin' on Down