Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mean Reds

I've got the mean reds. Anyone remember that phrase from Breakfast at Tiffany's? Audrey Hepburn got the mean reds, and I knew just exactly what she meant. It seems to be going around. I'm seeing it in the blogosphere, on forums I frequent. Snarkiness is at a high. Maybe it's just the New Year and holiday let-down. Or maybe there's a full moon. Has Mercury gone retrograde?

I feel mad at the world today. Our fifteen inch snowstorm is melting into huge puddles of mud, and there's the most annoying drip coming from our gutter that's driving me insane. The kids are going stir-crazy because it's too wet to go outside. The Christmas tree is drooping from lack of water, the ornaments hanging heavy on its branches, and the rest of the decorations now just look garish and are begging to be put away for the season.

But I don't want to do any of it.

Harley wanted to take our disgruntled children to the movies today, but the thought of spending $8.50 per person (including kids!) plus concessions (because like we could forgo popcorn and candy?) and then lunch afterward - we could easily drop $60 in an afternoon. For what, to see some CGI Water Horse fly around for two hours while the kids fought over who had the most popcorn and asked to go to the bathroom fourteen times? Ugh.

It's just an escape... I get that.

But I know it won't change anything. Just like the food, as escape, doesn't change anything. It only makes me forget for a little while that I want to duct tape my children to kitchen chairs, strangle Harley until he's purple, and rip the gutters off the house. Everyone's temper is short today. The littles are fighting over a yo-yo and demanding breakfast NOW, Harley wanted s-e-x this morning and then groused because I didn't want to cuddle afterward. He's right. I don't want a cuddle, it's true. I want to rip phone books in half. I want to gnash my terrible teeth and roar my terrible roar, like some Wild Thing out of the kids' books. Instead, I've been wasting my morning throwing around ascerbic comments in forums to idiots.

I've definitely got the mean reds. Seeing the whole world through a thick, crimson haze. Days like today, it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

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