Monday, January 14, 2008

A Surprise Visit

Maybe Dr. Evil isn't so evil after all...

I went in this morning for fasting blood work, plus my annual pelvic and pap (yeee-ouch!). I also got my IUD out. This is the second IUD I've had, and I love them as a form of birth control. It allows for total spontaneity, there are no hormonal effects, and the side effects, for me, are minor. So why did I get it removed?

Because Harley and I are going to get pregnant!

Well, I'm going to get pregnant. Harley's going to get me pregnant. And I better stop there, because this blog is PG-rated. :D

We have four kids total - but the oldest two are mine from a previous marriage, teenagers (almost 18 and almost 15) who live with their father. Harley and I have two children together, and they're 5 and 6 now. I'm 37, and edging into that gray area of fertility, and we had to decide - are we really done? Do we want more kids?

So...we're having another one!

I was so nervous about going into this doc for an exam, and even more anxious to tell her I wanted to get pregnant. I was sure she was going to say, "You're too old! You're too fat! You're much too unhealthy!"

Instead, she said, "I'm so excited! I'll write you a prescription for prenatal vitamins!"

Wow. I went out of the office feeling elated, in spite of the lower belly crampy stuff going on. I hardly even noticed it. I couldn't believe how supportive and kind the doc was. Made me want to run right home and make Harley make me pregnant NOW!

Not that Harley would object... *grin* But, since Harley switched jobs, we have to wait, because our new insurance won't kick in until April. So we'll have to be careful until May. By then, I hope to be down about forty pounds. Being pregnant is always a great motivator to eat well. What better reason is there? So far, the low-carbing thing is going well. Of course, this is only day two...

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