Sunday, January 27, 2008

Say It Ain't So!

I adore Queen Latifah.

She is, after all, my namesake :)

I can't think of a more beautiful, stunning, strong, confident woman - of both color and size. She's always been someone I greatly admired, and I think she's an underrated actress, an amazing singer, and just an amazing human being.

Today, I saw her on television - a commercial.

For Jenny Craig.


So Queen Latifah is going to join the ranks of Sarah Ferguson

Kirstie Alley

and Valerie Bertinelli...

Once again making the implied if not direct statement: "I can't be beautiful or happy until I'm thin."

I'm just so sad. :(

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Colleen said... is this any different from you having a goal weight of 120 lbs.? Isn't that wanting to be thin? And according to the commercial I've seen, Queen Latifah is looking to lose 10% of her body weight - which can't be more than 20-25 lbs., and will still put her in the "curvy" category.

Why hate on these woman for losing weight when you're trying to do the same thing yourself?

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