Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Harley's having surgery today.

This is just a follow-up, his third cosmetic procedure to fix his neck (as much as they can, anyway.) But I'm not looking forward to being in the hospital with him. All sorts of memories flood back every time I go to that particular hospital. Waiting for Harley to be brought over from one hospital to the other, wondering if he would be alive still... a friend sitting with me and holding my hand. He was the only one who came, that first day, and I don't know what I would have done without him. It was a pleasant surprise, and a relief, to have that human contact.

Today it's just routine surgery. They don't even put him under! Just a local and they'll do what they have to do in terms of revising the scar.

His scar is looking lots better. Especially much better than the hole in his neck originally looked. There was once an 8"x4" hole in it, while he was in Intensive Care for 8 days and the hospital for 2 weeks. Who knew an abscessed tooth could turn into flesh-eating bacteria and bankrupt us three days before our insurance kicked in?!

Ah life...

After the life-saving part was over, they decided to do chest flap surgery and take a part of Harley's chest muscle and tissue/skin and put it into the hole in his neck. It was almost science fiction, I swear.

I will spare you the pics of the huge hole in his neck (suffice to say, I could watch him swallow! We used to joke about him having a "flip-top head!") - you can find lots on the Internet if you're really curious, just Google "necrotizing fasciitis" and you'll see how much worse off he could have been... dead might have been preferable, in some of the cases I've seen.

He easily could have died from it, and I'm so grateful he didn't. It could have been an upper tooth instead of a lower one (which, as one of the nurses told us, would have eaten into his brain...) So much could have happened that didn't... I keep having images/visions of him talking about it in front of groups, showing people the scar... I don't know in what context, but I just have a feeling...

So we're off to take the kiddos to grandma's and then I'll wait in the same waiting room I did, wondering if they were going to come tell me that I was going to raise my children alone. It still gives me the creeps. :x


Brittany said...

Hi, I just found your blog and am curious how you made the weight charts? If that wasn't clear I meant the ones that list the height, age, starting, current, and goal weight...and so forth. I would love to add one to my page.

K Harley & Queen B said...

It's just a little bit of table code... entered it as html for blogger... I can't paste it here because blogger won't let me, but you can email me at notyourmamasdiet at yahoo dot com and I'll cut n paste it for you there :)

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