Saturday, January 26, 2008

Queen Bee - Weigh In


That was the number on the scale.

The last time we did low-carb the weight literally melted off without any effort. And I was eating cream cheese and salami and pork rinds and deviled eggs... and I still managed to lose forty-ish pounds.

We'll see what happens this time. I haven't been 100% on "plan" so to speak. There was that chocolate. And that box of macaroni and cheese. And birthday cake.

One day at a time, one bite at a time, I suppose. I haven't been perfect. Which usually means, it's time to give up and grab for the Doritos. But instead, I've just been picking myself up and trying again.

I suppose the scale is reflecting that. I'm a pound lighter than when I started out (and the scale started going in the wrong direction!)

Progress, not perfection. Isn't that what they say?

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Amy said...

Progress, not perfection, absolutely! Focus on the fact that you're in the direction you want to be in...and give yourself some credit. You're not just 1 lb under where you were when you started...according to your chart at the bottom of the page, you're SIX pounds less than you were ten days ago. I think that's HUGE. You could have stayed there and given up, but you didn't. Celebrate that, it's definitely an achievement!

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