Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I think my thyroid is going all wacky again. I can't sleep at night - serious insomnia. Then I'm falling asleep in the middle of the day. And I get hungry very fast - like my stomach is crawling up my throat. It comes out of nowhere, and I have to eat. Like right-freaking-now. Like yesterday. I made an appointment with the doc to have it checked again. Maybe my meds need to be adjusted?

Or maybe it's my blood sugar? Eek!

I'm going to step on the scale again this week. I'm scared. Not today.

How's that for avoidant? :P

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Lisa said...

Hey, good luck to you! Wanted to pass along one of my favorite non-diet aids. There's a type of yogurt called Fage (I think there are other brands, it is Greek yogurt), if you get the 0% it has no fat and very little carbs. Great with a little granola (I know, hard to imagine it being good, but really is). Great snack for those low energy times.
You're very brave to post all your info right out there! Keep on going.

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